Adverity Billing Wizard

Adverity wants the ability to offer self service customers a way to seamlessly upgrade their plan to meet their data needs or provide the ability purchase more data on a buy as you use basis.

Adverity 2022 Shaping & Building

Adverity Billing Wizard a once-off project. Shaped and built in a 8 week shaping cycle.

My role

I was assigned to the Adverity billing wizard full time as one of two UX and Service Design resources. The pod was made up of a Product Manager, Back-end & Front-end engineers, UX & Services designers.

Project Summary

Adverity Portal is a self service entry point created as a way for customers to sign up and create an instance of the Adverity Platform by themselves. Customers select the desired plan from the Marketing website and will be directed the Adverity Portal registration to follow the process and get set up. Once in the Portal, customers have their own instance of the Adverity platform which they can configure and use within minutes. Customers need the ability to Upgrade and Downgrade their plans. The Billing wizard is the feature that will allow the users to do that.

Low resolution wireframe of the Billing Wizard flow

The Problem

Currently there is no such feature available. Self Service is a new Adverity offering to customers. Pricing and tiered plans features need to be worked out and collaboration between Sales, Marketing and Product needs to be defined.

Our Customers vs Users

Customers of Averity refer to those who pay for the product, while Users of Adverity refer to those who use it. Customers fall into 2 categories.

  1. Pure Self Service Customers. This customer will learn about Adverity from promotional advertising or our marketing website. This customer will find their own way to the Portal registration page and register with Adverity independently.
  1. Sales-led Customers. This customer will have an interaction with the Adverity sales team but may not require a higher tier or customised plan and will be directed to the available packages in the Portal.

The most common Users are the Data Professional and the Proactive Marketer. The Data professional finding value in the data integration of the product and the Proactive Marketer finding value in insights. Customers will convert into Users when they have access and start using the platform.

Miro example of the outcome of a user persona workshop

The Solution

The Billing Wizard will be a 3 step wizard that will allow the customer to upgrade, downgrade, enter billing details or buy data as they use. The main concept behind the wizard is that features can be “switched on” or “switched off” based on the path the customer has entered from. The idea is to have one component which the user is familiar with that serves various needs they may have.

Step 1 - Select a product

Example of plan selection screen

In collaboration with the Sales and Marketing team we created a page within the wizard that would reflect the same pricing information as the Marketing Website. Traditionally the Product team worked in isolation of Sales and Marketing and this project was a nice way to break the ice between the three teams and start collaborating together. This was also a great opportunity for us to use our Service Design methodologies to identify the areas where we could work together to elevate the experience of the customers and users.

Step 2 - Enter Billing Details

Example of billing details screen

We have a third party vendor taking care of our billing. Though not directly involved with the integration of the solution as UX we kept involvement high to always ensure the best user experience.

Step 3 - Confirm Plan

Example of plan confirmation screen

Last step is to confirm the selection. This screen is an overview of the plan details and price. We also had to align with the Legal team for compliance, as we have customers in the USA and the EU.

Figma screen with user flows for upgrading


This feature is due to be released in the last quarter of 2022. We plan on thoroughly testing this feature by contacting our users directly for a user interview and with the use of heat mapping and analytics on our platform.

Please be advised due to the sensitive nature of the work and respect for my previous employer I am not going into detail on the projects but rather discussing my role and responsibilities while in the position.

Thank you for your time.