Nedbank Product Design

RINBBM - Radically Improved Nedbank Business Banking Maintenance

August 2018 – November 2019

Ongoing project

Project Summary

The goal of this project was to create a platform for Nedbank Business Banking users to be able to view business accounts, set user permissions, make changes to accounts and maintain a business account/s online. This project was MVP and Nedbank South Africa were in the process of digital transformation and had a launch deadline for January 2020.

My role

After spending some time on the design system team, I joined the business banking product design team. I joined the RINBBM squad as a senior UX/UI Designer.

Process and responsibilities

My Squad

Product owner, Project manager, Business analysts, Tech lead, UX/UI Designers, Off-shore development team and Product testers


We ran SAFE Agile across the Nedbank Business banking program. Epics, broken down in 2 week Sprints.

Process within the squad

Tight budget and timelines really did not allow for much time to explore and test our hypothesis. We had to think on our feet and use the business stakeholders and design system to make sure the bank reached their goals. What was a constant for me was sketching ideas, collaborating in as many situations as I could and being as transparent with my design and thinking as possible.

I found that the more the team saw what I did the easier it was to find errors, and and ideate. I also formed a very good relationship with my assigned business analyst in order to keep communication flowing with business.

MVP for release one consisted of;

Entry Point

Managing accounts

Linking accounts

User Permissions

Creating a Business account


The bank employed an off-shore development team in India. We dealt with language and time zone differences which made things difficult.

Our On-site design system engineer and myself worked very closely to try and uphold the bank’s quality of work by educating the teams on the design system and the principles of Nedbank Design.


We also had to educate the QA testers on design foundations. I ran a “Design Basics” workshop with our testing team and created a UI checklist for them to ensure that they could test functionality and also spot obvious interface design flaws.


Please be advised due to the sensitive nature of the work and respect for my previous employer I am not going into detail on the projects but rather discussing my role and process while in the position.

Thank you for your time.