No Code Enrichments

Enriching your data means transforming and tailoring the data according to your needs. An enrichment is a set of instructions that you specify for the product to transform your data.

Adverity 2021 / Quarterly Shaping & Building

Building the Enrichments library is an ongoing project. A version is shaped and built on a quarterly basis

My role

I was assigned as the Enrichment Pod’s full time UX/UI resource. The Pod was made up of a Product Manager, Back-end & Front-end engineers and a UX/UI designer.

Project Summary

The general idea of “enrichments” is to either remove relatively complex data transformations or to enrich customer data with generic data and enabling marketing business users to effortlessly leverage our powerful transformation engine.

The Problem

Our clients buy our solution in order to understand their marketing data or their customers' journey. To make it happen, they need to be able to see outliers, trends, and the cause and effect across data sets. This means they need to bring all the data together in one platform, and link up fields where they are similar.

Even though clients make connections and bring their data together through straightforward APIs, without unifying the data it will still be sitting in disparate buckets.

This is where Enrichments come into the place as a set of intelligent recipes which help marketeers with harmonising the data, preparing it for the further use in or outside of the platform.

Research - In collaboration with UX Research

Enrichments have played a critical role to all clients, but:

We’re particularly focused on problems occurring during first-time transformation setup among existing clients, and we are less concerned about offering new capabilities.

Goal of project:

Research purpose / Decisions to impact:


Implementation Consultants and Account Managers were the greatest resources in aiding us to prioritise what users use and struggle with the most. Referencing the custom transformations Adverity staff set up for users as well as transformations that users most often cannot set up by themselves successfully.

  1. Problems

  1. Priority / which enrichment gets used the most

  1. Improve

Our users

Users will be grouped in two categories. Technical (Power users) - Non Technical (Marketing business user) Existing users - New users

Ideation Session 1

Collaboration with PM, UX Research, UX Design & Engineering

High level user flow Workshop. Together we created high level flows which included the input of each stakeholder which solid representation of potential problems in each area. This was the base point we could go forward from.

Ideation Session 2

Collaboration with PM, UX Research, UX Design

In our second workshop we focused more on the user journey. Against a list of acceptance criteria we created user flows that could potentially solve the user need.

The Solution

Generally, we want to continue in introducing the guided flows which will help set up the enrichment quickly & reliably.

Our first solution will contain 2 main (mutually independent parts) parts:

  1. Introducing a new Enrichment types: enrichments that will help users to harmonise their data without need of deep tech knowledge.
  1. Preview as a part of the flow will help users to get the real time feedback, help with testing & debugging the enrichment. Thanks to such previews, the users do not leave the unfinished work, they leave only when they are satisfied with the enrichment - it fulfils the goal which it was created for.



Developer Handover

Product screens


Please be advised due to the sensitive nature of the work and respect for my previous employer I am not going into detail on the projects but rather discussing my role and responsibilities while in the position.

Thank you for your time.