Hi there,

I am a South African girl currently based in the beautiful Austrian city of Vienna. I like to live by the motto of be kind, be curious, collect experiences and not objects. This is why you will always find me exploring wonderful new places, or between happy faces at a music festival.

Crafting helpful experiences and solving real-world problems is something I am truly passionate about. I love sharing what I know with others as well as keeping the world a great place to be, one experience at a time.

My design process is;



Gaining a deeper understanding of people's needs, by empathizing and putting myself in their situations to really see what my fellow humans experience.


Discover the correct problems so I now can pinpoint exactly what needs solving. This is where I can make the most impact and transform a person’s journey.


What I find during my discovery phase guides my ideation and design direction. It provides a holistic view of how interactions are made across the whole product or service. From this I can develop solutions based on my findings, test my solutions and iterate to improve them.

What’s in my toolbox?

Figma - Adobe CS - Sketch - Miro - Slack - Notion - Jira - Github - Google Workspace

A bunch of great people.

Talented folks that I have had the privilege to work with and learn from. If you would like to know what working with me is like... give them a shout.

Andy Roberts

Andy Roberts.


Richard Felix

Richard Felix.

UX | UI Designer

Zuzana Deveckova

Zuzana Deveckova.

Product Manager

Sepi Shariati

Sepi Shariati.

Service | UX Designer

Will Poku

Will Poku.

Product Manager

Katre Koppel

Katre Koppel.

UX Researcher