African Bank.

Website | 2016
African Bank

Brief and problem statement

We were given the opportunity to redesign African Bank’s Website after a corporate identity overhaul in combination with a revised in-company strategy. The briefed requirements included creating a marketing mind shift and to reposition the bank from being loan-orientated to having a broader range of services as well as a greater brand presence. As such the website design had to convey a newly found confidence and encourage user-interaction through good design and user experience.

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Goals and requirements

The previous site had very low usability and was very text and information heavy. It was also not responsive or cross device friendly. There was no way for the user to log into their online profile.

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My role

Working closely with brand and our in-house strategy team, I was tasked to wireframe the site, design the user interfaces and ensure that it was developed to a high standard and tested thoroughly.

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We had to take into account the brand repositioning and how the user would now use the site. They would have to relearn the navigation and the new functionality but we strived to keep it intuitive to use though legally it would still be text heavy. We would use a lot off imagery and iconography to support and guide the user to their desired outcomes.

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The final design

The solution was a complete re-development of the site, refining the look and feel as well as the functionality to enhance the users experience and sentiment on the site. We created a site that made banking accessible and easy. We also updated the website to make ensure that it was functional on all devices.

Design System


Client African Bank.
Services UI, UX, Web design
Category Web & Mobile Design
Year 2016