Dis-Chem Pharmacy.

Mobile App | 2017

Due to Dis-Chem being South Africa’s pharmacy leader, having an aesthetically pleasing but intuitive user experience was paramount. The goal was to develop an app that not only looked good but fulfilled a good number of use cases, in as efficient a way as possible. We wanted to give users something that could reduce their time spent in stores, on the Website, or contacting the stores via telephone.

An important part of the process was determining user requirements, as well as the intricacies regarding developing the apps within Dis-Chem’s own infrastructure with all its complexity. The “how” was more important than the “what” at the onset.

Only after this were we able to move forward with the UX and UI, getting the look and layout perfect before passing it on to our development team.

The Solution

Finding a solution that took all the spokes of the Dis-Chem wheel into account with regards to integrating their multitude of services into a smartphone app, we fully invested ourselves into designing the app with Dis-Chem’s corporate identity in mind and refining the usability and functionality in the app to get it to the eagerly-waiting public.


Client Dis-Chem Pharmacy.
Services UI, UX, App design, Development
Category App Design
Year 2017