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Design Language Update | 2023
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Background and Context

Valutico's journey commenced in 2014 within the confines of a global investment bank's office, where one of our founders was struck by the overly complex nature of valuations. This realisation sparked a mission to simplify the process, leading to the inception of Valutico. Initially serving M&A professionals our target audience has expanded to various finance professionals over time. As the company moves beyond its Austrian roots to embrace a global market, the need for a rebrand has emerged to support this growth and ensure we resonate in international markets.

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Objectives and Goals

With this rebrand, our primary objectives were to enhance brand awareness, strategically reposition ourselves as leaders in business valuation within the market, expand into new market segments, and rejuvenate our brand image to reflect our commitment to growth and innovation.

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Research and Analysis

Our rebranding process was informed by research conducted to gain an understanding of our current brand perception and identify areas for improvement. Internal stakeholder interviews were key in revealing that our brand was perceived as dated, particularly in terms of colour, imagery, and tone.

Also, the absence of brand guidelines resulted in inconsistent design language across all touchpoints. Competitor analysis further verified our findings, indicating that our brand was not strongly associated with innovation and thought leadership within the business valuation industry.

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Brand Strategy and Positioning

Our strategic approach to reworking the brand identity and positioning involved an assessment of our “dated” current brand, followed by the clarification of objectives and thorough market analysis of how we wanted to be positioned.

This helped us with the development of a brand positioning strategy that highlighted our value proposition as business valuation specialists within our industry

We then crafted a new brand identity which reflects financial expertise and innovation, integrated with clear brand guidelines that ensured internal alignment throughout our brand.

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Creative Execution

Transitioning away from a traditional cyan and green palette, we opted for blue tones, symbolising trust on a global scale—a sentiment reinforced by its usage among our financial peers.

Our choice of professional imagery with soft-toned backgrounds complemented our colour scheme, allowing for a cohesive and impactful visual experience.
Additionally, we introduced a secondary font to enhance our visual storytelling, ensuring consistency across branding and marketing assets.

Lastly, we prioritised our compliance to accessibility standards, addressing shortcomings from our previous branding to ensure inclusivity and compliance.

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Launch and Rollout

Our rebrand launch strategy was designed to generate excitement and engagement among both the Valutico team and our clients. We used LinkedIn campaigns as our primary platform, taking full advantage of its effectiveness in engaging our finance professional audience.

With that, ongoing monitoring enables us to adapt and optimise our approach for on going success, ensuring that our rebrand resonates effectively in the market.

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Performance Metrics and Evaluation

We measure the success of our rebranding effort using OKRs such as increasing website traffic by 20% within the next quarter and achieving a 35% increase in social media followers over the next six months.

We also closely monitor our customer engagement through several channels, including website traffic compared to our previous, less structured website, customer feedback gathered from webinars and events, and the quality of leads and conversion rates.

The Team

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Client   Valutico.
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Year   2023