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Valutico is a global leader in valuation technology, providing the world's leading valuation platform. Our software empowers users to value a business in minutes. Following a recent rebranding effort aimed at embracing growth in the global market, we recognised the need to redesign our website to better support our expanding presence. The previous website suffered from poor structure and underutilisation, revealing a missed opportunity for more successful marketing.

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Goals and Objectives

Our primary goal was to enhance the overall user experience, making it more intuitive and engaging for our visitors. Our research showed us that visitors typically accessed only five pages on our site, indicating a need for improved navigation to improve engagement.

To drive more conversions, we aimed to promote key actions such as virtual tour, demo sign-ups, white paper downloads, and accessing more high quality information.

Lastly, we wanted to improve the perception of our brand, which was perceived as dated, and reinforce our values as leaders in business valuation innovation.

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Research and Strategy

When looking into website analytics, it became evident that users predominantly engaged with only five pages on the website. The existing navigation structure was not making sense to users, and the information architecture lacked coherence, with key pages missing.
Internal stakeholder interviews also told us that users were primarily directed to specific pages with white papers and blog materials, as other content lacked proper structuring.

To address these issues, we put significant emphasis on restructuring the website and incorporating essential pages and content to enhance user experience and coherence.

Also, efforts were made to update and refresh existing content with more recent information, while also complementing it with supporting illustrations and imagery in alignment with our new design language.

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We started the website redesign process with a navigation workshop, where we identified and restructured pages that were underutilised by users. Using a site structure diagram as our blueprint, we strategically organised the website's layout.

Next, we created wireframes to develop high-quality, informative content that aligned with our information architecture and visual hierarchy, ensuring effective communication of our content. Incorporating our newly created design language, we enhanced the content with visually appealing imagery and design elements.

Throughout the design phase, we prioritised SEO by strategically incorporating keywords and phrases that our target audience is likely to search for. We optimised each page with title tags and meta descriptions, structuring our content to effectively target relevant keywords and improve search engine visibility.

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Launch and Rollout

To generate excitement for our new rebrand and website, we ran a multi-channel launch strategy. First, we leveraged email campaigns targeting our current user base, providing them with exclusive previews and incentives to explore the revamped website.

We employed pay per click campaigns on social media platforms to expand our reach and attract new audiences. We ran a targeted campaign communicating the arrival of a new year, a new brand identity, and a new website. By aligning our messaging with the “renewed” theme, we aimed to capture attention and create a sense of anticipation among our audience, cultivating excitement and curiosity around the unveiling of our new brand experience in our journey.

We issued a press release to gain media attention and generate buzz surrounding our rebrand. Lastly, we announced the launch to our partners, fostering collaboration and support for our new initiatives.

The Team

VP Marketing - Product Designer - Marketing Manager - Front-end developer.


Client   Valutico.
Services  UI, UX, Web design
Category  Web & Marketing Design
Year   2023