What I do

I am a Digital and UI designer with the privilege to have worked with some really strong and creative teams.
I have helped companies grow in areas of digital marketing, visual communications, UX and UI design.
I have worked closely with Digital marketing teams, Product owners and Developers.
My process is:


Every great design starts with a concept. A creative and thought out way to deliver a message, and solve a problem. This is our solution for bringing both the user and the product together with a great experience.


Visualising our ideas is how we plan to bring them to life. By creating a visualisation you can share your idea with your team and users and get valuable feedback which you can use for your next steps.


This is where it all comes together, concept and visual translated in to functional and beautiful design elements to give the user a great experience with the product or interface.

Digital Design

Below are a few examples of some of the Design work I have done,
for my full portfolio please download from the link below.

  • Mobile App Design

    The Dis-Chem mobile app created as an experience puts the users favorite pharmacy at their hands. Reducing time spent in stores, online, or via telephone.

  • Mobile App Design

    SAA existing mobile app required new functionality and development along visual redesign that would bump their customers’ user experience up a class.

  • Web Design

    African Bank website re-design. The project involved a visual and functional redesign to enhance user experience and re-align the brand new a brand positioning.

  • Web Design

    A website I created for my husband who is a Software Developer and a Microsoft fanboy.

  • Interface Design

    Bizframe Application dashboard created for the platform users as a view of system alerts and statuses of logged tickets within the system

  • Interface Design

    A dasboard introduction project that involved teaching a new user how to send their first email campaign and to familiarize themselves with the Everlytic digital marketing platform.

About Me

I am a happy quirky kind girl that likes to be around people. I love to travel the world and admire just how amazing our differences really are. This is my private portfolio site, if you would like to know more, feel welcome to give me a shout!